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Tuan Yuan Lunar New Year
– Art Direction

Think!Chinatown and Pearl River Mart are two NYC institutions that share the goal of celebrating arts and goods from the Asian-American community, and Chinatown in particular.

The Tuan Yuan Homecoming Box was a Lunar New Year collaboration between the two organizations to help raise funds for Think! I was commissioned to create and execute an art direction for the product as well as connected LNY events. 

Calligraphy by James Chan. Social graphic implementation created with Tiffany Chen.

Image by Olga Thelavart

The theme of this LNY celebration was 团圆 (tuán yuán), meaning "reunion." It often refers to the reconnection of family members and loved ones after separation of some time – a particularly salient concept with this new year marking the year anniversary of many peoples' quarantines. 

The art direction of this celebration was designed to inspire warmth and welcome, like an embrace from a loved one after a long, difficult time apart. 





Image by Olga Thelavart

The art direction was also meant to utilize many elements of traditional Chinese design, while straying away from cliches. The main art direction was reference to the traditional paper-cutting craft that was also a promoted T!C event. 

The color scheme was created with this in mind as well, with classic reds and gold, balanced with softer pastels and muted earth tones.


Circles are auspicious shapes in Chinese art as well as emphasize the theme of reunions over round tables.


Illustrative elements were designed like traditional paper cut art, including visuals to reference the local NYC community.

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Copy of Tangyuan.png
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