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Beyond Black History Month
– Podcast Art

Beyond Black History Month is a podcast hosted by Femi Redwood for 1010WINS and WCBS880. The podcast delves into Black history all year round, while also providing nuanced conversations about race and inequality in the U.S.


Color use was an important aspect in the conception of this podcast's art. The art intentionally avoids being limited to the classic pan-African colors, and instead embraces a wide spectrum of colors that represents diversity and inclusivity both in topics and audiences. The pan-African color palette is still found in a few key elements, such as the podcast title and triangles that are bursting from "beyond" the box. The curated usage of the familiar colors establishes an immediate visual connection to the podcast's topics. The vibrancy of the colors also prove eye-catching on digital platforms, and extend "beyond" the box as well, illuminating the black border to be made up of a range and depth of colors. All the colors emanate from the community of silhouettes in the middle, their overlapping colors implying the mixture of many perspectives.

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